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10 Tips For Travelling Luxurious on a budget

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My Flight One provides travelers from all around the world the best travel tips and recommendations. We always try to keep our tips short but of a high quality so can our customers make the best of out.

Three things not to forget while traveling

Most travelers look for travel tips which they think it’s important to look at before going on a trip, whether it’s a city trip (long weekend) or a holiday (few weeks). My Flight One provides three main travel tips which are important for its travelers.

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Top 5 European Cities to visit

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My Flight is Delayed, What Can I Do?

It’s very annoying when your flight is delayed or cancelled but luckily travelers in Europe can be entitled to compensation for delayed or cancelled flights. Please note that not every delay can be justified as a DELAY. Within Europe a delay can be considered only if:...

Book Your Next Flight Using Our “Low Fare Calendar”

The Low Fare Calendar widget is used extensively by our frequent flyers to help them find the cheapest flights. This widget is based on historical data and previous searches done on our website by our customers. Here is how to use the Low Fare Calendar in 4 steps:...

5 Things to Do on a Trip to Las Vegas

If you have ever seen or heard of Las Vegas you would probably know that there are many things that you could do on a trip to Vegas, in this post we will stick to five that we recommend you to do in order to make a fantastic short trip to the Sin City. 1. Stay in a...

10 Tips for Travelling Luxurious on a Budget

Luxurious travelling on a budget means enjoying a luxurious holiday, staying in a luxurious but affordable hotels and doing a lot of activities during your trip without spending a fortune. Here are our 10 tips for luxurious travel on a budget: Tip 1: Set your budget...

Three Things Not To Forget While Traveling

Every traveler in this world looks for few travel tips before going on a trip. My Flight One provides three main things that every traveler should not forget before going on a plane and while traveling. 1. Do Not Forget Your Travel Document. Travel document (ID and/or...

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