My Flight is Delayed, What Can I Do?

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It’s very annoying when your flight is delayed or cancelled but luckily travelers in Europe can be entitled to compensation for delayed or cancelled flights. Please note that not every delay can be justified as a DELAY. Within Europe a delay can be considered only if:

  • The flight was delayed by at least 2 hours for a journey of up to 1,500 km.
  • The flight was delayed by at least 3 hours for a journey exceeding 1,500 km within the European Union, or a journey between 1,500 and 3,500 km to or from a non-European country. 
  • The flight was delayed by at least 4 hours for a journey exceeding 3,500 km to or from a non-European country.

Compensair helps you get compensated not only in the case of flight delay or cancellation but also in case of a denied boarding or missed connections.

The traveler can get from €250 to €600 for problems with flights operating in Turkey, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland or any other country in the European Union. The compensated amount is related to the distance flown.


How can I use this service?

The traveler must sign a consent form and provide information about the flight(s) and ticket number. Furthermore, specialists will make a detailed analysis of the situation, prepare a claim and conduct a “legal dialogue” with the airline. The client is informed of all important steps via e-mail or SMS. You can create an application using this link (no payment is required from you at the moment of submission)


Which travelers are entitled to submit an application and to use this service?

All the travelers who flew in the last six year can use the services regardless of citizenship. This means that a traveler can get compensation even if he or she is not an EU citizen. Compensair takes care of everything.


How much time does it take to receive a compensation?

On average, the claim is proceed within three to four days from the time of the request. It might require up to eight weeks in the case of pre-trial proceedings, and up to 20 weeks if the claim is resolved through a court.


What are the rules for missed connection?

If one or more flights were delayed or cancelled, the total delay to your final destination point determines your right for compensation. If you book several flights under different booking codes (different tickets), each will be regarded as a separate flight with own starting and final points.


Can the airline avoid compensating the traveler?

Yes, delayed flight compensation claims can be avoided if an airline can prove the flight delay was caused by exceptional circumstances beyond their control and in many cases a strike or extreme weather conditions occurred.


So, how does Compensair make money then?

If the claim is successfully finished, the traveler receives 75% of the compensation and the remaining 25% is Compensair’s commission. In case of failure, the traveler does not bear any costs, since the fee is only charged after receiving compensation (in case of success).

You don’t have to accept flight delays and do nothing about it, so hurry up and get your compensation with one click in case you are eligible.


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