5 things to do on a trip to Las Vegas

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If you have ever seen or heard of Las Vegas you would probably know that there are many things that you could do on a trip to Vegas, in this post we will stick to five that we recommend you to do in order to make a fantastic short trip to the Sin City.

1. Stay in a luxurious hotel

Find yourself a nice hotel at a discount located on the strip where you can enjoy the view and the facilities of this hotel (like the swimming pool, gym, spa and so on). Some travelers they mention that it’s not worth to book a nice hotel room because you spend most of your time outside the hotel anyway. We have a different opinion about that, My Flight One thinks that it’s important to have few hours for resting in between your activities in Las Vegas and of course after a long day you need a comfortable bed for few hours of sleep, after all you should not forget that you are there on a holiday so it’s important to feel comfortable.

Here you can find the best hotel deals in Las Vegas:

2. The Las Vegas hotel tour and its wide-range buffet

A wide-range of delicious buffets are offered by most hotels in Vegas, depending on your appetite you can purchase the buffet either one time access or weekend-access (please note that most of the time alcoholic beverages are not included in the rate) and don’t worry we found you a great way to burn those calories you got from your meal(s), the best way is to do the hotel tours visit after the meal, you can go for a walk at your pace to different hotels on the strip and enjoy the amazing themes and short shows in each hotel, there are few hotels connected to each other through halls so you can avoid walking in the heat, just to mention as well you can do this tour on your own or you could also try a guided comprehensive tour which is a combination of walk and bus tour (check it out here). Another good idea is to combine the tour with food which will give you some room for other activities, check out this afternoon walk down the strip deal.

In case it’s not your first time in Las Vegas then we advise you to do a memorable 10-15 minute helicopter-tour for a reasonable price, in case you haven’t done it already (check out here).


3. A pool party is a “MUST”

As you might have heard already, Las Vegas is a well-known destination for all-day party mood. If you are a party lover then we recommend you to go to a pool party (day-club). First, it would be a great idea to check-out the pool at your hotel since pool access is included in the room rate, in case the party at the hotel was not good enough for you then you can try another pool in another hotel. For example, The Encore, Wet republic ultra pool and The Marquee are known for having one of the best pool party atmospheres in Vegas. If you wish to enjoy an outrageous first-class party in the sun at the best Sin City daytime hotspots then check out this deal.

4. Don’t forget the show

Attending a show before a night-out is something we recommend you to do instead of resting after you had an amazing pool party. There are a lot of shows in Las Vegas which are known for their creative visual performance in the theater, attending these kind of shows will clear your mind while you will enjoy watching a top-notch talented performers.

Here are few upcoming shows that you could buy:

5. Party hard in one of the best nightclubs

Nightclubs in Las Vegas have the best residential DJs in the world, which makes going-out at night very interesting and highly recommended for party people, to name few of the clubs where the most famous DJs in the world are playing (Tiesto, Alesso, Calvin Harris and Hardwell):

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If you are looking for an epic night in a VIP-style experience, you can check out this deal, with this deal you will have the possibility to explore four of the hottest nightclubs of Las Vegas (Fridays and Saturdays).

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